Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Planning, Moving, Working, and more Planning!

Just working away on some last details for the Big day! Gosh I can't believe just 38 days now away until the wedding! Got to taste test some cake on Saturday, that was really fun! The guy that made the samples and who will be doing our cake, Travis, is amazing! What a great guy, he is even working to help make our cake Lactose free just for me, sweetheart! He is so creative. The bridesmaids shoes should be done and ready by this Saturday, can't wait to see how they look. My mom is working on my jewelry, she is so sweet making my necklace and earrings. We've got the ring bearer pillow finished and the flower girl basket done. Almost have the guestbook done, working with a florist now and then need to get a wedding ring for Josh!

Its really hard to imagine that I will be married soon, I almost dont' feel old enough to be married. Guess I should practice signing my new name!

Josh and I found a house to rent, and are moving in this Saturday! It's in west Greeley, didn't move very far, so we will still be near friends and family. I'm finishing up my full-time work here as the summer closes and I begin my LAST SEMESTER AT UNC!!! Wooo-Hoo!! I graduate exactly 4 months from today! I can't believe that I will be done, but on the other hand I am SOO Ready!

In other news, my brother came home from deployment (USMC) and we picked him up from the airport on Saturday and he is here for just a short time. He will get to come back for the wedding, I'm so excited! I'm glad he's home, he is my best friend.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting close...

Getting closer to the BIG DAY!!! Working on some last details and getting things in order. I can't believe I will be Mrs. Charlotte Dewey in less than 5 weeks! This whole wedding planning process has been so fun! With the stress and frustration its been a blast! I've included one of our engagement pictures. We had them taken at Glenmere Park, Greeley, CO in early June. Our photographer Nicole is amazing! She's great. We got rained out 3 times but finally had the chance to get the pictures done. Can't wait to see the pictures from the big day!