Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rock 'n Roll with Pots 'n Pans

Haven't been very regular about posting, oops. So here's a jumbled, random, picture full post.

Fun times in the laundry basket

So serious.

Oh we love our kitty Lucy

Watching some storms to the south with Lucy

Oh how he loves to play in the kitchen.

We've actually had quite the storms around the Valley the last few weeks, and the number of dust storms have actually gone down due to rain. Yes, rain! However, the humidity has been up, sigh. We'll take the rain though.

Augustathon has been kind of sub-par, especially the blogging part. Oops! Been keeping up with the facebook group that Leslie set up though. While the running hasn't been the greatest, I blame it on the heat and the fact I need new shoes, I have been doing at least SOMETHING every day. 

Push ups
Crawling after a little guy
And cross training

Doing what I can, when I can. Working towards a goal though. Hello January!!

I'm signed up for the Rock 'n Roll half-marathon. Ready or not, here I go! There are a couple other races this fall/winter I'd like to try. I like the idea of running in cooler weather. Oh I can not wait for cooler less than 110 degree running weather.

Here's to a great weekend!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Bean

This time last year was a very different view than today. Hard to image it was just Josh, Lucy and I as we were patiently waiting for Baby Dewey to arrive. I understood the concept that I was about to become a Mom but what all that entailed I had absolutely no clue. The way in which this little person has changed us is amazing.

My letter to my little Bean. [it is long, and may bring happy tears. you've been warned]

Little Bean,

How time flies. Everyone says that, and yes I understand how fast it really does go. But goodness, nearly a year ago you came into this world as a small little person not having any idea what anything is and now you sit on the floor crawling all over, pulling yourself up, point at things (mainly the fan or window or Lucy the cat) and talking letting us know just what is going on. Nearly a year ago your biggest concern was eating and filling your tummy so you could rest. Now, still eating is a big thing but you also are concerned with where mommy went or what noise daddy is making and where Lucy ran to. The amount of knowledge and learning you've done in 11 short months is amazing. Growing hair, teeth and in length have been some big accomplishments and though painful at times (the teeth mainly) you have gotten through it with flying colors, and lots of cuddles from mommy and daddy. 

20 years from now I will tell you the story of the day you were born. Gosh, this brings tears to my eyes now just writing this. Hang on for a second, it gets better. Your mom can be emotional at times, bare with me. I will tell you how your Uncle Jimmy and I played Wii bowling and ninja games all day which made you squirm lots in my belly. I'll tell you how your Memaw came out and we tried so hard to get you to come when she was here but you must have been shy. I'll tell you how a regular doctor's appointment turned into a trip to the hospital to be admitted and how you would make an appearance about 12 hours later. 

While you have so many characteristics of both your mommy and daddy, many of which we are still learning and pointing out, you have lots of little things about you that remind us of your Memaw, Grandpa, Grandma Kim, Grandpa Dan, your Aunt Steph and Uncle Jimmy and even things about you remind me of your great grandma and grandpa whom you've never met and your grandpa Moon whom you've not met either. You truly are a mix and a melting pot of a person. That makes you so unique! 

Continuously I sit and remember those first few weeks with you. Gosh how lost and helpless I felt. My instincts came into play as to what to do, but it sure took a while. There just is no training to do or learn with a newborn. I expected the sleepless nights, which were in play, and the long days. Looking back now, I feel kind of silly for the questions I had, but they were valid at the time. After all, this is my first time doing this as it was yours. We made it though. Nothing we couldn't handle. I laugh now, but I remember a number of nights where me or daddy would wake up to feed or change you and we would be searching through the blankets on our bed for you. You were safe in your crib next to our bed but we were so extremely tired we just thought you were right there next to us in bed, didn't help that we'd fallen asleep many times in our bed so this was a pretty valid thing. Sleep deprivation was well underway. 

Many more years ahead of us now. This first year has been filled with so many laughs, giggles, cuddles, bumps, scrapes, naps and food fights. I want to remember everything about this first year. My heart is so full of love for you little guy, you may never know that. Your daddy and I are so proud of you and so proud to be your parents. God knew what he was doing when he chose us to be your parents and you to be our son. Tears again. I love you Jackson, more than you'll ever know.

Love, Mommy

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just keep running

Let's be honest, I haven't been running as much as I should be. Not that I'm afraid to run, oh no. I just haven't had time. Sometimes when my schedule really flip-flops, finding the time to run is tough. Especially when you have to pay close attention to the time of day you run. Insert 110+° degree days here. "Run in the early morning" you say. Ok. 4am. It's already still 91° degrees. So I have to choose wisely and run mostly inside until I really get used to running outside. 

However, I have and still keep up with my strength/core training. I keep my routine of push ups, crunches, lunges, squats and planks each day. My eating habits are still very good and if you know me, you know I've drank more than a gallon of water each day. Yep, I think I'm part amphibian.

So, nothing to report for Augustathon Day 5 or 6 sadly. While I did do core work, I won't bother posting that. Looking for a run tonight though! Odd hours, means a run after 10:30pm. Should only be 105° degrees. Yay!

Total Augustathon: 7.8 miles

Here are a few instagram photos to keep you entertained. Today is my Friday (yay) so I'm sure more photos will be coming. I went and had some printed, finally right?! So I need to work on a photo album. I am so bad about this.

Morning sunrise. Beautiful clouds. 

Jackson searching for some goodies in my purse.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just sitting here watching airplanes go by

Augustathon Day 4:

Type: Elliptical
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 3.2 miles 
Cals: 410

Total Augustathon: 7.8 miles

Had a great workout this morning while Jackson napped after I did a great set of crunches. My legs feel awesome! So ready to kick this training into full gear. 

Running outside has been tough, so I'm alternating and going slow with running outside. I need to start running outside at a different time of the day, preferably when the sun goes down. If I can maintain about 2 miles a day for a week or so then I think I can start bumping up the distance. Slow goes it, but it goes. I like that.

Jackson and I went to watch some airplanes the other morning at the airport. (cue the music to that Gary Allen song...) I thought it might be fun (for him) to see some airplanes up close. He was interested for a short bit, but I think the noise was weird for him not knowing where it was coming from. We stayed for a while before it got hot (8am).

Getting less interested and more interested in a nap. "Mom, where can I lay down?"

Got to throw in a picture of my Joshy. Oh how I love this man :) Hard to believe 7 years ago we climbed our first mountain together (my first, not his).

Augustathon here we go!

Augustathon Day 2:

Type: Strength
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 0.5 miles
Cals: no idea

Total Augustathon: 3.1 miles

Augustathon Day 3:

Type: Running
Time: 22 minutes (est)
Distance: 1.5 miles (est)
Cals: no idea

Total Augustathon: 4.6 miles

I wish I was running on the beach...ahh. Nope, just in the desert. 

My run on Friday was estimated because I looked down after 6 minutes at my GPS (my phone) and it froze. So I know I ran for longer than 6 minutes, because looking at the clock when I left and when I came back it had been about 20 minutes or so. And judging my the distance I ran on Wednesday I ran just a bit shorter. So estimating, but still ran.

Have to alternate running outside since it is so warm. Still trying to adjust to running out in this heat. I'm getting there slowly. Slow but sure. I'm determined to get better and run farther.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Challenge: Accepted Part 2

Remember Juneathon? Do you MISS Juneathon? If your answer was yes, then come with me! 
My fancy pink compression socks from ProCompression which are amazing to help with circulation!

I was challenged/asked to start another challenge by a friend for this month. 

Why not?! A month long challenge to keep yourself accountable and keep yourself motivated to exercise or workout each day. Whether it is a 10 mile run to start your day, or 15 push ups before bed, anything will do, so long as you are being active. Watching TV while flexing your ab muscles doesn't count, sorry.
My awesome post-run "red face". It was 100+ degrees outside!

I like to set my own standard of 30 minutes each day (minimum). I will do my best to blog about each day, though it may be a week re-cap. My schedule & family life is a bit busy so blogging isn't a top priority, sorry! I'm on a computer all day at work so when I get home I enjoy not staring at a screen any longer unless I need to (bills). 

Want to join in? All you have to do is BE ACTIVE! You can comment on my posts for what you've done or blog about what you've done. If you need to write it down, then do it. Setting goals is fun, it makes you work hard toward that goal and it is something to look forward to. It isn't fun when you start thinking you HAVE to workout and you aren't getting anything out of it. Set a goal that is reasonable. Like 30 minutes a day, or 10 push ups or crunches or lunges or jumping jacks or a walk around the block. Then increase it slowly. 

Maybe your goal is to do 50 push ups a week. Or 2 sets of lunges each day. Or to run 5 miles a week. Or to walk 5 miles a week. Set some sort of goal for yourself. In June I set a goal of running/biking 100 miles by the end of June. That's not a bad goal. I was close, I got to just over 60 miles. So maybe a stretch. SO this time, my goal is to get past 60 miles by the end of August. Pretty reasonable.

So here we go:

Augustathon Day 1:

Type: Running
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 2.6 miles
Cals: 350

Total Augustathon: 2.6 miles

Hope you don't get bored! Thanks for reading along.