Thursday, September 13, 2012

Neon Clouds in a Pre-Dawn Sky: Contrails

If you were awake before 5:30am today and happen to be looking to the East, you may have caught a glimpse of this too. This was before sunrise, but the Sun was reflecting off of these contrail clouds way up high in the atmosphere and created a "rainbow"of colors in the top portion.

Almost neon looking, they aren't Noctilucent Clouds, which are very rare to see and quite beautiful. It was a contrail from a missile that was launched in New Mexico. These are seen from Tempe, AZ. Viewers as far away as Las Vegas, NV and Salt Lake, UT were able to see this. As the sun came up, the clouds disappeared and became almost invisible. The news in Arizona (ABC15, 3TV, KOVA Tucson) and Colorado (9News)had stories on the event. Some people called into TV stations saying they thought it was a weather balloon or rocket launch, which is pretty common for New Mexico.

Do you see the crescent moon to the right? The sky was so gorgeous for the entire morning. Perfect that it was clear! Definitely a sign the Monsoon is nearing the end. As temperatures transition to "cooler" and we dry out and head towards "fall" in the Desert.

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Hanna said...

Wow. Beautiful. Love that your a weather lady. Your so fancy:). I meant to message you, I'm taking a break from my blog. Too many personal problems, not enough time but I'll still be reading yours:)