Sunday, September 2, 2012

Augustathon Recap

Let's get down to business.

While I did very poorly to blog about my Augustathon challenge, I still managed to stay active and do something everyday. My cardio workouts weren't as extensive as I'd hoped but my push-ups/crunches/lunges regimen were strong (pun intended). Here's the breakdown.

 18 days of cardio.
31 days of strength/core.
48 miles.
4200 calories burned

Headband from Bic Bands - Aqua Sparkle

My workout buddy in the AM at the gym.

Lovely pink Compression socks from ProCompression

Stay active. Keep up with what you're doing. Stay hydrated.

Source: via Tori on Pinterest

Source: via Tori on Pinterest

Have a great weekend! Enjoy family and friends and time with loved ones. Remember all those who can not be with us at this time and all those who are not with their loved ones. Take a moment to remember all of them. Be safe.

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Hanna said...

Hey great job Char!!!!!