Saturday, September 15, 2012

Legos, cats & cruising around

Happy Saturday! Fall is just about here, for us in the desert. A very "cool" evening run for me last night of 84 degrees felt so amazing. I could get use to this. I'm done with these 110+ days for a while.

Lots of playing and exploring  going on over here. Now that Jackson's more mobile, he's all over the place. He is ALMOST walking. He is a super fast crawler. If there are baby Olympics in crawling, he'd crush the 100-meter dash.

Me and my Lucy cat. She's such a good sport.

My new red bean bag chair.

My cool shades. What? There's a tag?

Playing with Legos at the store

Little guy. Gosh he looks so grown up, doesn't he?

I love food! Thanks Mom!

Just some randoms over the last couple weeks. Have a great weekend!

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Christy said...

That is a ridiculously adorable picture! He is too cute.