Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 months old

My little Jack in the bean stalk is 3 months old today! I can't believe time has gone so fast, and will continue to keep going just as fast. He's learned and grown so much in these 3 months, I'm excited for what is to come. 

He's now sleeping 8 hours a night and has been for about a month now. Has gotten MUCH better about taking naps during the day and now has almost 3 good naps, one is over an hour long!

He's almost out of 0-3 and 3 month clothes. Still wearing size 1 diapers but won't be long until we switch to 2's. 

He's laughing and giggling and smiling. He knows when his mommy and daddy are talking to him. He has even been able to fall asleep on his own a couple times, but I still love rocking & cuddling him to sleep!
I just love this face!

It's beginning to maybe feel like Christmas? [late post]

[another 'started but didn't finish' post. here it is anyway!]
With just returning to work recently, getting the hang of taking Jackson to daycare everyday, running on little to no sleep everyday and still running around doing EVERYTHING, it hasn't really hit me that Christmas is in a FEW DAYS. 

We finally got a Christmas tree last weekend. I know, finally right?! Decorated it, got some gifts wrapped (in between other chores and while Jackson was sleeping) and semi tried to clean the house. I haven't made Christmas cookies, though I was able to send out Christmas cards at the last minute. 

I'm lucky enough to have Christmas eve and day off this year. Haven't taken Jackson to see Santa yet this year. Even though he is so small he will likely not remember it, it's his first Christmas. So I'm going to do my best to get him to see Santa. Though, if it doesn't happen, next Christmas he will be a year old and it should be a bit more fun.

I'm realizing how much there is to do being a mom during the holidays. WOW! So much respect for the other Mom's out there!

And of course, I didn't finish this post and get it out before Christmas, so I'll post it now. Who cares. Just adding more to the busy of the season.

I hope your Christmas was a very special one. I hope you spent lots of time loving those close to you and enjoying little things in life with friends and family. 

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Happy New year from my little family to yours :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Many Faces of Jackson

Yes, I'm that mom who takes a million pictures of her child. Do you blame me? When he's this cute, you have to take lots of pictures!
This little guy melts my heart. Absolutely love him. It's been a rough week back to work, just missing this guy tons. I truly adore him and our time together. 

Getting back on my feet of blogging (been WAY too long!), uploading pictures, sent out birth announcements only 6 weeks after he was born, got Christmas shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving (go me!), sent Christmas cards...whew! It is definitely a learning curve how to manage time with a little one. Thinking ahead is a whole new thing. I always thought of myself as a planner, but now I have to plan extra far in advance especially when going somewhere and getting things done. And I can function just fine on 4-5 hours of sleep. 6-7 hours is heaven! Sleeping in until 5:30am is FABULOUS! 

Here's to a wonderful Tuesday!

Friday, December 16, 2011

How Time Flies

It is extremely hard to believe that it is the middle of December already. But it is. My little man is almost 3 months old. Can we make time stop please?! I've been busy loving him and spending precious time with him and now I'm back to work, day 3. So far, so good. I've cried, yes. But Jackson is doing well!

Yes, this feels like me. Especially with all the emails I had to go through (still have to go through) at work and the catching up I'm doing. I need to post pictures and updates and everything, but have been busy. Soon though, I promise. I have not forgot about the blog. And I haven't had time to read all of your other blogs :( Soon, I promise.

Hope you all are doing well and getting ready for Christmas.

Love this little guy! So glad Joshy takes so many pictures of us :) I'll have some family pictures to share soon as well :) 

Have a wonderful weekend!