Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Many Faces of Jackson

Yes, I'm that mom who takes a million pictures of her child. Do you blame me? When he's this cute, you have to take lots of pictures!
This little guy melts my heart. Absolutely love him. It's been a rough week back to work, just missing this guy tons. I truly adore him and our time together. 

Getting back on my feet of blogging (been WAY too long!), uploading pictures, sent out birth announcements only 6 weeks after he was born, got Christmas shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving (go me!), sent Christmas cards...whew! It is definitely a learning curve how to manage time with a little one. Thinking ahead is a whole new thing. I always thought of myself as a planner, but now I have to plan extra far in advance especially when going somewhere and getting things done. And I can function just fine on 4-5 hours of sleep. 6-7 hours is heaven! Sleeping in until 5:30am is FABULOUS! 

Here's to a wonderful Tuesday!

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