Saturday, April 16, 2011

{Belly Picture & Weekly Updates}

Pregnancy Highlights:
Woah, I have 154 days left?!

How Far Along: 18 Weeks Today
Size of baby: size of a Sweet Potato (and weighs 6.7 oz and is 5.6 inches long :)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: gained about 5 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: Wearing maternity pants, and some shirts.
Gender: We don't know and won't know until September when I'm due :) and topic under debate.
Movement: I've had a few more "popcorn" or "flutter" feelings...
Sleep: Have been super tired and now starting to get uncomfortable
What I miss: Nothing really.
Cravings: Food?! I'm just hungry now, which is a GREAT feeling!
Symptoms: None, just finding a comfortable sleeping position.
Labor Symptoms:Nope
Milestone: Have two more Doc appointments coming up this week, starting to feel some flutters.
Best Moment this week: Seeing my belly picture that I took. Starting to look more pregnant and not just fat?!
What I'm looking forward to: My belly growing and feeling movement!
And here is a photo I took of my belly, and a new shirt I got, at 18 weeks. This was Friday so close enough to 18 :)
It's a cell phone picture. Had to send it to my mom :)

Also this week, I went to Babies-R-Us to look around and start working on the registry. Um...can I just say Overwhelming?! I know there is a lot to do and get. I need to organize myself and start in one area and move to the next. I think I'm making progress though.

More info on the {Great Debate} discussion that I posted last week, info to come later :)


Merut said...

I was just stressed out about the responsibilities and costs associated with buying a puppy. Not nearly comparable to preparing for a little human! So excited to see how things work out. I'm still a huge supporter of waiting for the sex, if you need a supporter that is. I love watching your progress!

Jessie Szmanda said...

Ohhh gosh registry was the HARDEST thing EVER!!! Way harder than a wedding registry! goodness! Beautiful mama :)