A page just for photos, how wonderful is that?! 
Update: Yes, it is true. I have come back to update this page! Enjoy :) May 2012

Randomness -- Lucy

 She was not harmed, she just gets an attitude when we hold her. She just happen to have her mouth open, so funny! She loves playing under the stove, her new favorite spot. And her tongue is hanging out ALL the time!
I went to visit my beautiful friend Kim in Lake Havasu City as she was visiting her soon-to-be hubby who lives there. It was a much needed trip since we havn't seen each other in so long, since before I moved. Was so great to see her!! September 9, 2010 She has started a wonderful blog over at:

Steph & Erin's Wedding August 8, 2010 Loveland, CO
And what a GORGEOUS day it was! So happy for my Sister :)

June 20, 2010 Box Canyon - Video of Cliff Jump
Thanks to Jon Meyer for helping me flip the original video right side up :)
Cliff Jumping on YouTube

June 20, 2010 Box Canyon near Payson, AZ
As we approach the "in-let" of the canyon.
Starting out, dropping stuff off.
Beginning our climb down...
First jump. Not bad, 15 feet or so. Cold water!
Next jump...really?!
Josh gets comfy & a front row it took me all of 30 seconds to decide I would do the jump.
The first two jumpers after the jump
A jump in motion. Not me; a video of my jump to come :)
Josh's front row seat
The waterfall at the "big jump"
The last two of the 4 girls that jumped. I'm enjoying my post-jump sunshine :)
Josh laughing at all the crazy jumpers, including me :)
The second jump. Not so bad after the first :)
Relaxing little cove on the second jump.
The final hoorah...aka Toliet Bowl.
Looking west through the last of the canyon. We turned around here.
The pool behind him to the right looked to be a good 15+ feet deep.
Last look at Toliet Bowl as we made our way back.
Beginning out climb out. What a climb too!
Very little foot and hand holds.
The last waterfall. We had to stop and play! Notice the guy to my right. He's in a hole that was easily 8 foot deep. I didn't realize it when he sucked himself in. I was laughing hysterically!
There he goes!
Still laughing!
Such a pretty waterfall.
The 3rd and last really tough climb out.
With a little help to support my feet I made it.
The group headed back to the cars and going to eat.
Fun day in the sun

Rockies vs Diamondbacks June 5, 2010. Great seats, great game!

Metar Observations, comparing Phoenix & Denver. Denver went on to tie their maximum temperature record this day of 93, while Phoenix got up to 103, not near the record of 113.

Lucy :)

10-15-09 Button Rock Preserve, Longmont, CO


Ariving in Arizona - March 2010

Tropical Bird of Paradise
Pomegrante Tree