Saturday, April 18, 2009

Recent Pictures

This is from December 2008 while my brother, Jimmy, was home on leave for Christmas. My two favorite guys in the world!

This is from an Avalanche game we went to March 19. A date night for sure!

This is from March, we went sledding up in Rocky Mountain National Park with a group of friends.

Char's first storm chase

So Thursday, April 16th was my first chance to really storm chase. I had a blast, even though we didn't see much of anything besides some rain clouds and fast moving storms. It was a great road trip nonetheless with some great friends! Kim and I got to tag along with Tony Laubach and we drove all over southeastern Colorado. We went as far as Las Animas, CO where we met up with some other chasers. The overall day was pretty back and forth for severe weather, ie Tornadoes, but there was some good conditions setting up coming up from Texas. Most of the prime settings fizzled out due to the increased moisture in the area. Oh well, it was still fun and I had a blast!

Keep your eyes peeled for more weather updates, as I love doing this! Especially as we approach Hurricane season and for Space Weather news!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Welcome to our new blog spot! We've created this so we can keep in touch and share our stories and adventures with friends and family. With only a few months away from our big day, we have so much to finish getting ready!