Friday, April 8, 2011

{Fabulous Friday} & Remembering

It is Friday..finally. But for me, it is Thursday and the end of my Thursday. How's that for confusing? I've been working overnights this week so my day is nearly done and I have one more shift to go before my weekend starts.

We have more visitors coming, how lucky are we?! Josh's parents and his sister and her family are coming. We are so excited to see them all! Josh's sister is pregnant too and about 7 weeks ahead of me, with her second child. I'm so excited to be pregnant with her, just wish we lived closer.

Should be a fun weekend. We don't have a lot planned, but that is what is nice about having visitors, it's just fun to hang out and be together while we can.

I've been thinking a lot lately about my Dad and Grandma. Makes me sad to know they aren't here anymore. It has been a very rough couple of months for me, but I'm here and making it work. I've had dreams at night with them in it and it is just so real to me. I constantly think back to different times when we were together and just seeing their face, hearing their voice is so real to me. I am very thankful to have these memories.

Alright, time to put a smile back on my face and head home from work here soon to go to bed.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


Jessie Szmanda said...

Sending you hugs! And have a great weekend!

Merut said...

Wow - you've been a busy hostess. I'm sure you dad and grandma are with you in spirit. You're lucky to have had such a great relationship with them. Enjoy your weekend!