Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family. Vacation. Friends. Parties.

Earlier this month I was able to fit alot of family and friends time together as well as traveling into one weekend. It was so worth it! Here are some pictures to show off the weekend. It started out in Las Vegas for my oldest Nephew's High School Graduation at The Orleans Hotel. I was able to see all my neices and nephews that live in Las Vegas, that is all 5 of them (I have 7 total)! Congrats Brandon!!
Then on to Colorado for my baby shower put on by my lovely mom and best friend Kim. They did a wonderful job and I loved seeing so many great friends and family! I loved seeing my sister Steph and comparing our belly's. We are about 9 weeks apart in pregnancy, she is farther along and due July 16!

I wish Josh could have come along with me, but our schedules just don't work out like that. He will be able to take some time later this summer to go visit family in Colorado and to see his newest neice or newphew when his sister has her baby.

{Swimming at the Rio, Las Vegas My mom, dad and neice Shelbey}

{Me and Dad swimming at the Rio Hotel, Vegas}

{My Neice and Nephews swimming}

{Mom & I at Brandon's graduation, The Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas}

{Me, my brother and neice Shelbey, waiting for graduation to start}

{Nephew Andrew, my mom and brother}

{Newphew Andrew, me and Jim}

{My brother Jim, nephew Brandon & nephew Andrew and Dad}

{Oldest Grandson (my nephew) graduates High School}

{Congrats Brandon! Oldest Nephew graduates High School}

{My neice Shelbey & brother Jim}

{My youngest Neice Gracie & I}

{Brandon & his Graduation Cake}

{My Sister (in-law) Steph and I. 27 weeks & 36 weeks apart!}

{May and Ava helping me with gifts}

{Some people at the Baby shower}

{Beautiful diaper cake, made by my mom. Giraffes, think that might be the theme for Baby D!}

{Mini cupcakes: Spice cake w/cream cheese frosting, Strawberry w/strawberry frosting, Chocolate brownie w/chocolate frosting & Lemon w/lemon frosting}

{Cute baby shoes with jelly beans, made by my mom!}

{Fruit Pizza made by my momma!}

What a fun filled FULL weekend. And now I'm back in the desert to live out the rest of this heated summer before baby gets here in 12 short weeks, eek!

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Jessie Szmanda said...

fun, fun FUN!!! I love this and I LOVE Vegas! so jealous! :)