Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Monsoon - Weather for Arizona!

What's that you say? Arizona has weather? That's right! And we're just gearing up for an active weather season this summer. Arizona has a Monsoon Season, which is a lot like a severe thunderstorm season.  Starting June 15 through September 30 this denotes the Monsoon Season for the Southwest, namely Arizona. 

Temperatures during the summer here in Phoenix can get as high as 120 degrees with overnight low temperatures in the 90's. That's right, "cooling" down overnight to near 90 degrees. Yuck, I know. But with these extreme temperatures we also can see severe thunderstorms, just like the rest of you out in the plains and east of us.

Along with the start of the Monsoon, we also focus on how to avoid dangerous situations during hazardous weather events. There are many dangers about weather; heat, flash flooding, lightning, to name a few. 

This weather geek is pretty excited about the start of the season and is hoping for some good storms this summer!

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