Saturday, September 1, 2012

High Chair Evolution

I just noticed something the other day when feeding Jackson. How he has grown since we started using his high chair. I can't find the first one I took, I think it was back in February, but just from 6 months to 11 months he's gotten so big! And look how much his hair has grown. I think he needs a haircut before he starts looking like on of the Hanson Brothers. 

Still sporting those chubby cheeks and dark eyes. His hair is a dirty blonde with redish tint and light brown sometimes, depends on the light.

He's doing well eating, still on puree foods though. He's not big into textures or small bites of things, we're working on it slowly. He's now down to 2 or 3 bottles a day and the rest puree and snacks. Having a bit of back-track as he's more into fruit and yogurt rather than some veggies. As long as he's eating, we're doing just fine. 

Naps. Oh we're back and forth on naps. Some days he'll do good with 3-4 hour long naps. Other days, 1 two hour nap is all he'll take, or even just a half hour here and half hour there. Yikes! But, he still sleeps through the night, so I can't complain too much.

March 31st {6 months}

June 12th {9 months}

August 21st {11 months}
Hard to believe a year ago I was as large as a school bus with a watermelon inside my tummy ?! This little guy gives me and daddy a run for our money!

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