Thursday, September 27, 2012

October Challenge: Who's in?

Over the summer I've done a couple Fitness Challenges and challenged myself to do others. I'm on track with eating healthy and have done well (for myself) in losing all of the pregnancy weight and then some after having my son a year ago. Wow, a year. Anyway, now I'm training for a half marathon in January. So excited! I think that being active and keeping a regular fitness routine of some sort is important in every day life. Whether you're training for a marathon, a 3 mile race, a friend's wedding, the holidays, a family get together or you just want to become more active; you have to fully commit and stay on track.

The idea behind these challenges for me have been to keep me accountable. If I have something I "have to do" or am "supposed to do" then I am more likely to do that activity. 

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So why not create another challenge? If you'd like to participate, leave a comment here, or on my facebook or tweet me your progress every day. It's like a journal entry to keep you accountable. I will do the same.

October Challenge: 10 + 1 every day

I thought about previous challenges and how they were geared towards doing a workout/run every day of at least 30 minutes. I still like that idea but want to change it up a bit. How about some core strength movements? Don't forget about cardio, that is still important.

10 + 1 every day: Choose either push-ups or lunges, or alternate. On the first day (Oct 1) do 10. The next day, do 11. On the 3rd day (Oct 3) do 12. Each day adding one more, and by Oct 31st you will have 40 push-ups or lunges to do. 

I have faith that you can do this! So, who's with me?

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Christy said...

Ya know, I really should try to do this too. My physical therapist and doctor both are telling me to work on my core and cross train a lot more. I'll give it a shot!!

Hanna said...

Don't k ow how I mused this actually. Maybe I should jump on late. I've been really down and bummed layy and I know iya thexlack of exercise