Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just sitting here watching airplanes go by

Augustathon Day 4:

Type: Elliptical
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 3.2 miles 
Cals: 410

Total Augustathon: 7.8 miles

Had a great workout this morning while Jackson napped after I did a great set of crunches. My legs feel awesome! So ready to kick this training into full gear. 

Running outside has been tough, so I'm alternating and going slow with running outside. I need to start running outside at a different time of the day, preferably when the sun goes down. If I can maintain about 2 miles a day for a week or so then I think I can start bumping up the distance. Slow goes it, but it goes. I like that.

Jackson and I went to watch some airplanes the other morning at the airport. (cue the music to that Gary Allen song...) I thought it might be fun (for him) to see some airplanes up close. He was interested for a short bit, but I think the noise was weird for him not knowing where it was coming from. We stayed for a while before it got hot (8am).

Getting less interested and more interested in a nap. "Mom, where can I lay down?"

Got to throw in a picture of my Joshy. Oh how I love this man :) Hard to believe 7 years ago we climbed our first mountain together (my first, not his).

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Christy said...

I need Augustathon in this heat. Good idea! But I'm not sure I can do it!