Saturday, August 20, 2011

36 weeks = 9 months = three quarters of a year

Look who's large and charge?! Ok, maybe not the latter half of that because essentially baby is in charge of when the debut is, but definitely feeling large. I've had many people tell me I'm beautiful, and I really do think I look fairly good for being {9 Months Pregnant}, but still I can feel large can't I?! If you stop and think about it, which obviously I have, I've been pregnant for three quarters (3/4) yes that is 75% of an entire year. When you put it that way, it sure sounds like a long time. But, it does take time to grow a person, thank you very much!

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Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 36 Weeks Today (4 weeks to go to due date, that's less than 30 days!)
Size of baby: size of a Crenshaw Melon! (and weighs just over 6lbs and is 18 inches long) Ok, we can stop growing now, I want you to fit coming out!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Officially 20 lbs, yikes! Plus a little more, eek.
Maternity Clothes: Wearing maternity pants and shirts.
Gender: Baby Dewey is either a Girl or a Boy :)
Movement: Kicking & hiccups! Now I can start feeling when Baby is changing positions. And the kicking downward is uncomfortable!! Head is down.

Sleep: Starting to get less and less sleep, but still tired.
What I miss: Nothing regular clothes?! Being able to bend over?!
Cravings: Food?! Fruit & Veggies...and cookies! Also, cheetos.

Symptoms: Have some pretty strong heartburn/indigestion, hiccups for both baby and me. Can now tolerate dairy?! And some swelling in the feet. :(
Labor Symptoms: Have continued to have braxton hicks more regular now, but not painful and back pain.
Milestone: Another doctor appt this week, now going every week.
Best Moment this week: Still working on a name. I know I know, time is coming close. We may just have to wait to see Baby!
What I'm looking forward to: My belly growing (more)...though not sure how much bigger it can get...and to meet baby!

After my last ultrasound yesterday, I will know on Wednesday, my next appt, if my due date has changed much. The doctor said Baby looks good and is growing well. Let's just hope for a smaller Baby so we can fit coming out of mommy!

As I'm writing this up, Baby is dancing away in my belly. Shifting side to side and poking out legs and hands, I think. I do know the head is down, thanks to a final ultrasound yesterday. Getting ready for the big day.

On close watch these last few weeks. Josh has not allowed me to do the grocery shopping anymore, atleast not carry anything. What a sweatheart! Also, Lucy has not left my side while I'm home. She will follow me EVERYWHERE, even the bathroom if I leave a room for more than 20 seconds. I think she's keeping an eye on me too. If only she were able to drive me to the hospital if I need it, then we'd be set :)

My energy levels flucuate from day to day, so some days I get more done than others.

I'm really enjoying these last few weeks having Baby in my belly. Such a bonding time. I mean the whole pregnancy has been a bonding time, but just talking to Baby and feeling Baby move and talking about different things. I refer to myself as mommy, of course I've done this with Lucy too, and to Josh as daddy, but again we did this with Lucy. I know it will be different when we get to see Baby and become parents

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Merut said...

So close! I am so excited for you. Hopefully it will be a small baby. My husband was a very large 10-month baby. Yikes! They won't let it get to that point though. Good luck and keep us posted!