Tuesday, September 14, 2010

{Time Flies}

It is a little hard to believe that it has almost been a year since Josh and I were married. Of course we've had quite the list of events this past year since the wedding so it is kind of believeable. We are lucky enough to both have next weekend off so I've planned a weekend full of fun! We're going to drive up to Prescott and rent kayaks to go out on a lake for the day and then camp out and get up the next morning and hike a local trail or two. On our way up we will drive through a town called Dewey, how funny is that?! Last year from our wedding we saved the top of the cake, well my mom did. Our cake was AMAZING. A family friend made it and he was wonderful for making it completely dairy free so I could enjoy it! Sadly though, the cake top is still in my mom's freezer in Colorado and didn't make it out to Arizona with us. So I've decided to just make a cake for us to take on our trip. I have a few great recipes I've found but I think I might end up making my Aunt Jo's famous Butter Pound Cake. I can remember my mom and my Aunt Sandi making this to-die-for cake for holidays and there was never a piece left over. So that might be the winning cake that I make.

I'm so excited to get out of town and have just a whole weekend with Josh and I. We've been working really hard these last few months and our schedules have been pretty wacky, ok well mine mostly has been wacky, Josh just works a ton of hours:)

We've really began to get used to the heat, which is good in a way and also sick. I never thought I'd think 104 was better than 114 to be out in, but it is. And to think that 95 was soo cool, ha! We have made it through our first summer in Phoenix and our first Monsoon, though this year's Monsoon wasn't all that active. I'm sure we'll begin to really feel the difference as fall and winter set in and we don't have snow by Halloween.

Pictures will come soon after our weekend getaway :)

Happy Wednesday all!

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Ria Thurston said...

FUNN! HAPPY 1 YEAR! I can't wait to see photos. Enjoy your time away :) I love that!!! Bless you!