Friday, September 17, 2010

It Was A Friday Night To Remember

It was a year ago tonight that a great group of friends and family got together for a dinner that would be the last dinner Josh and I shared as single people. As I've been reflecting on this upcoming anniversary I can't help but think back to last year. All the planning that was involved, and I thank everyone for all the help, especially my wonderful Mom and my wonderful Mom-in-law. It was such a wonderful day and couldn't have gone better. I remember it as if it were last weekend and it still feels so new and real. I am actually still getting used to my new last name and often smile when I hear someone call me by it thinking, "that's not me". 

We have quite the weekend planned ahead and I am so excited. We are heading up to Prescott early tomorrow morning to rent kayaks and go out on Watson Lake. On our way up we will drive through a small town called Dewey, so we will obviously stop and take some pictures :) We are going to camp overnight up there and then hike around on Sunday just enjoying being together and being outdoors.

My mom giving me "Something blue, something borrowed, something old & something new"
Lovely gift of wine & two glasses with our initials on it

Such silly girls!

Some of the rehearsal photos taken by my lovely Leota and her husband Steve :) Love recapping that night. I'll be sure to post photos of our weekend trip, soon to come!

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