Friday, September 3, 2010


I guess you could say that by seeing the movie "Jule & Julia" it fueled more inspiration to my already inspired love to cook, but none the less it did spark more interest. Good movie, never knew it was a true story until I did a little research. What a challenge! While I never really intended to do any sort of food blogging, it has kind of turned into that a little. I do enjoy sharing with everyone what I'm making and sharing in the learning experience. While I'm not sure many people read my blog I still write and show it off. I love swapping recipes with others and have began to accumulate quite the recipe box of sorts. There is something soothing and exciting about cooking and/or baking. I don't consider myself a pro or good, I aim to practice as much as possible. The compliments I've received have made me feel accomplished. It makes me feel good that others appreciate what I'm doing and care enough to comment, so I thank you. Those of you that have gotten the pleasure to taste what I've come up with I also thank you for your kind feedback. I tend to make too much when I do cook; just can't get it down when I'm only cooking for 2! Alas, leftovers were never a bad idea.

Any of you that know me should know this: I am competitive and I love, love taking pictures. When have I NOT had my camera with me? One exception: on the boat this summer in Colorado. However the camera WAS with me, just not swimming very well. Back to my point. I am competitive, in a friendly way. I've always loved a challenge and an adventure. So when I come across a strange, new recipe I usually just go for it and try it. Providing I can get the ingredients somewhere near by and not have to travel to another country for it. Some ingredients I can not pronounce, so I just make up my own way to say it! Photos: I love taking pictures of anything and everything. Mostly candid shots of family and friends. I've started trying to take pictures of the food that I've made, to document and show it off I guess. Also, I've been toying with the idea of putting together a cookbook. Obviously not one to sell and publish to the public, probably just to friends and family. A very low-quality made, nothing hard-back made.

So, I guess what I'm getting at here, besides rambling on, is that I'm also thinking of doing some sort of cooking challenge similar to what Jule/Julia did. Why not? Not that I don't have a life, because I do. But I have some spare time. Afterall, at this point in my life I don't have kids (yet!) so I don't have that extra obligation, I work strange hours and days and don't have a huge social life down here yet. All signs pointing to "Why not?". Of course there is a little added disclaimer: money. In order to continue cooking all the time I will need to budget money to make all these wonderful dishes. I can work on that. Besides, since I'm creating my own project I can create my own timeline, deadline and menu. And another bonus, not necessarily for me, will be all the people that benefit from all this cooking. I can't eat it all and like I mentioned before, I definitely don't cook just for 2. So it looks as though some friends and co-workers will benefit from these yummy dishes. I'll also be envoking a workout plan as well. Lord knows I don't need all that pasta! On a serious note though, I do try to cook healthy. 

Here's to happy cooking, eating and living!

More about my project to come soon. Thanks for reading...those of you that do :)


Merut said...

Hi Char - It's Amy from facebook and kindergarten. I really enjoy discovering what's cooking in your kitchen. Cooking for two definitely sucks (we use the leftovers for work the following day). Good luck with your challenge!

Char said...

Thanks Amy and thanks for stopping by & following!!