Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

I've been following this lovely blog by Hanna at bouffe e bambini and absolutely love reading her daily posts. She has all of these great shops that she promotes from her site that are handmade items. Gorgeous! She occassionally has giveaways and you can enter to win some of the great handmade items she shows. Well, I entered a while back in early December and I won!

Take a look at her post about the giveaway from Bebeloosh Mini Giveaway. The Etsy shop that sponsored this and the creator of these wonderful little bags is Elena Berlo by BebelooshMini. Hop over to her Etsy shop to see these cute little bags.

I won 3 of the reuseable sandwich and snack bags that are made from 55% recycled hemp and 45% organic unbleached cotton and beautifully decorated. The fabric is a mix of hemp & organic cotton and it feels and looks so durable. The closure is a velcro top. She has so many other items on her store site that are great. I'm excited to use mine. I got to choose the 3 designs that I won and here they are:

These bags are so wonderful. I've used them all week for my lunch and they're really cute!
Thanks again Hanna!

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Truly His said...

How delicious!! Love the blog!!