Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby Dewey Update

Still waiting patiently for Baby Dewey to make an appearance. I keep talking to Baby and say how fun a birthday party would be, but I think Baby is a bit shy right now. Official due date: Saturday. 

As uncomfortable as I've been in the last 2 weeks, I really do enjoy having Baby with me all the time. It has been a great journey and a great way to get to know someone. Even if the conversations are one-sided. 

After my doctor's appointment yesterday: no new progress. From last week, I am about 1 cm dilated but other than that, no signs of labor yet. Have lost the plug (sorry, TMI?! but once we get down to the labor part of pregnancy it usually is!) and have been having quite a few contractions. False contractions though I believe. Some are pretty painful, not agonizing but very uncomfortable, and then they go away for hours at a time. I think Baby is messing with me.

I'm proud of myself for not having gone to the hospital yet, with false labor. I know that is always hard to know "when is it time" and trust me, I've thought that a few times. Only time will tell I suppose. I know every time I call Josh or my Mom they really listen to the sound of my voice and try to tell if "this is the call". So I try not to call too often. 

Let's see, what else. Last night during dinner, (fettuccine alfredo with bacon and garlic-parmesan-rosemary bread...YUM!) I made a comment that I think the one thing I've craved more than anything this entire pregnancy has been garlic bread. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved garlic and garlic bread, but for some reason I've wanted it with almost every meal. Not in a gross kinda way. I don't want it with cereal in the morning. But for dinner, I could eat it every night. YUM!

Josh has been a HUGE help. He's done so much around the house to help out and it has been amazing. He really is taking to this nesting thing too. Cleaning, help make dinner. He made french toast the other night for dinner. AH-may-ZING!

So no Baby yet. We'll see what this weekend brings. I'll also do a post later with pictures of the nursery and a blanket I made. It gives the gender away, so can't show it yet!

Happy Weekend!


christhecooldude1234 said...

Mmm garlic bread...Me and baby will get along :) So excited for you!!!

Jessie Szmanda said...

Gosh the false labor got me! I went to the hospital 3 times thinking it was it! Good luck, praying and thinking of you!