Sunday, March 14, 2010

Picture updates

So I know I've been saying how much I need to upload some pictures. Well today is your lucky day! I am slowly but surely getting pictures up and going. First I thought it would be fun to load some pictures from way back when Josh and I were younger. I had these pictures from when I put together our slide show for our wedding and thought I'd share them here.
Here's Josh playing in the snow.
Josh with his dad.
Josh and his sister Steph.
Char with her brother Jimmy.
Char with some Easter candy.
Char and Uncle Chuck.

It's fun to take a look back in time and bring back memories!

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laura n. said...

thanks for the comment. i love making new blog buddies. i lived in arizona for a while and i loved it - and i miss it! i hope you are enjoying your time there! xoxo