Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Well we have officially made it to Arizona! We got in late last night and are in a hotel for a few days before we move into our new condo. Can't believe we are going to live here: it's so warm and beautiful right now! We had a lot of good-bye's to say and were very sad to say good-bye to all of our friends and family. It really was great to see everyone and were so blessed to have everyone show up to see us off. I'm really going to miss seeing all those babies that will be born in the next 2 weeks to 8 months!

The drive down was a slow and steady one. Josh did most all of the driving (thanks babe!) as we pulled my car with his car. It was a pretty nice adventure either way we looked at it. Lucy did great also!

As soon as I can hook up my camera I will upload some pictures. My goal will be to keep up with this blog a lot more often now!


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Linda said...

Hi Char & Josh! So glad you keep in touch; much better than I do. I am so very happy for you both, and for the triple adventures you are on (marriage, new job, new state). Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

Love you
Aunt Linda Gayle