Saturday, March 27, 2010

Getting the 'bug' again...

I'm getting another 'bug' again...not the flu or a cold, but the cooking bug. I do love cooking and trying new recipes!!Lately I've been into another mood where all I want to do is cook! So I've been browsing recipes from my cookbooks, searching online and have even found a couple of blogs that are VERY helpful (where I found this recipe) and have given some great recipes! Some of these recipes I've found are vegan, and not that I'm against that in anyway, they are just a bit different than I'm used to. I actually could be completely vegan or vegetarian, I used to kind of be by choice, just didn't care for the taste of meat. I love fruits and veggies and have such a taste bud for new things to try. So as we made our way to the grocery store I picked up a few things to try out some recipes. I'm excited to try them! The first one I tried, was called Cutie Pockets w/ Chikpea Salad and can be found by clicking on the link. Boy was it good! If you like garbanzo beans (aka chikpeas) then man you'll love this! It really almost tastes like chicken salad, and it is LOADED with veggies! 

My ultimate goal is to try to start eating much more healthy and smart. I am already a very healthy eater and have always been a health food person, but now that I'm starting to broaden my horizons for cooking, I'm so open to suggestions and loving finding all these great recipes!


Claire and Derek said...

I love and the magazine vegetarian times, which is also online! So glad to hear you guys are into eating veggie!! A vegetarian and/or vegan diet has so many health benefits!

xo- Claire

Josh and Char said...

I really am into it, I love it! Josh finds it a little strange, but is liking some of the things. I can already tell some great health benefits! Thanks, Miss you!!