Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter in California

We decided to take a road trip out to California for the Easter weekend to visit my brother. It is kinda nice that it's only a 6 hour drive. Not the most exciting drive, but nonetheless it wasn't bad at all! Got to see part of Arizona and California we'd never seen before. Josh had never seen the Pacific Ocean nor been to California before so it was a very much needed trip. We spent Saturday - Monday out in Oceanside and Carlsbad, California. It was great to see my brother, Jimmy. We ate dinner at a little restaurant in Carlsbad (I forget the name now, but I want to say it's something like Ray's) only about 100 feet or so from the Ocean. It is a very small little place but very home-y and home-cooked meals for sure! It was so green everywhere we went down there. On our drive out, we drove through Temecula which is a BEAUTIFUL wine country part of the area. I could definitely live there! Here are some photos of our trip.
The view from Jim's front door. Lucky!

A pretty intense storm moved in while we were on the beach. Looked cool, but we didn't stay for any lightning!
It was a great trip and we were so happy to see family. Been getting a little homesick here and there, but soon enough we will be back to Colorado to visit and our parents will be out here to visit.

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