Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Evening

A week full of work has come to an end and now it's my weekend! This week I got the privilege of creating the Weather Story at work. A Weather Story is a graphic or single slide on power point that conveys the message for short-term weather for 1-2 days in each area. For our area, Phoenix, we aim to update this everyday and it is first come first serve, whoever gets to updating it updates it. So for this Friday I was asked to do this. I really enjoy putting things like this together. It really helps my creative side come out along with my love of weather. So here is the image that I created and put together for the Weather Story for Friday April 09. It was online for about 24 hours before it was updated. 

Other than that, this week has been pretty mellow. Josh and I took a trip to California for the Easter weekend to visit my brother in Oceanside. What a great time. We got to relax, go to the beach, have dinner at a very nice little home-cooked restaurant down the street from the beach and just hang out. It was a very nice weekend. Josh starts his job this week at REI. He is very excited, as I am as well!

Our good friends John and Stephanie had their first baby, a boy Athan Michael on March 22nd, our good friends Jennifer and Jesse had their second child, another boy James Christopher on April 2nd, our good friends John and Rebekah are due to have their first child, a boy on April 22nd, our good friends Steve and Leota are due to have their first child in August and find out if they are having a boy or girl in a day or so. I also know 3 other women friends who are pregnant and will have a child between now and August. It seems like it is baby fever! No worries, I'm not having a baby right now. I wouldn't post it on here for you all to find out first anyway. All in due time :)

Here's to a great week to all you wonderful people!

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