Monday, July 12, 2010

Songs That Spoke To My Heart

End of the day and getting ready to head home for the night. Plug the iPod into the car and get ready to jam out. iPod is on shuffle, best way. Can get a mix of songs I like, skip the ones that I'm not in the mood for and get a good mixture of music. Only this time the iPod knows what I want to hear. I don't have to skip any of the songs on the way home. Short drive home, but every song got me there and someone knew just what I wanted, and more so what I needed to hear. 

Here is the mix from last night.
Hey Soul Sister by Train...while some people may say this song is cheesy or over-played or whatever, it has special meaning to me and makes me happy. I can sing every word and I dance every time it comes on, no matter where I am or who I'm with. This song almost makes me feel like it talks about me.
Love and Hate Collide by Def Leppard...I could listen to this band all day. Great song, love the lyrics!
Catch My Disease by Ben Lee...A good driving song, good to sing along to and makes me smile. Talks about random things, life, love and various adventures. Almost like a story.
Under Heaven's Skies by Collective Soul...I picture myself sitting out in a field looking up to the stars at night. I used to do this at the middle school by my parents house when I was younger. There is something about watching the clouds or stars, just staring up to the sky.
You and Me by Dave Matthews Band...First off I'm a big Dave fan. Yes, yes I know I get the grief from many people for that. Oh well. I'm an odd person anyway so go with it. This song makes me think of the future and adventure. "When the kids are old enough we'll teach them to fly", reminds me of my Mom teaching me things as I grew up. "Take a boat to the end of the world", travel, adventure, the unknown of what lies ahead; I dig it!
Life Less Ordinary by Carbon Leaf...I like the way this song flows and I feel that I live a life less ordinary and people come in to my life and I'm sure I come in to other people's lives for a reason and it blows "away [the] storm and strife".
Two Steps Behind by Def Leppard...I told you I like this band and apparently my iPod knows that! I believe that at any given moment someone is thinking about you and that makes me smile. It warms me to know that someone is always thinking about me and that I have touched someone's, or many people I can only hope, life in that way. I believe that you must be a follower for so many years in your own life before you begin to lead, and in order to be a good leader you must have a good leader to follow. "Magic running through your soul..". For those that we've lost and those no longer with us, I know they too have lead and we must now follow in their foot steps, or better yet lead a new path but they are no more than 2 steps behind to remind us how we have got here.

Pretty impressive for an iPod, right?! Made the end of my day better than the whole day itself. What can I say, I love music and I believe it makes for a better day when you can start off with some good songs that really get you moving.

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