Thursday, July 1, 2010

Colorado Trip June 2010

Finally made a trip back up to Colorado after 4 long months here in Phoenix. It really felt like we never left. Felt so good to be back home. I was excited to see some clouds and rain, but hey that's just me :) Besides, wasn't 92 degrees better than 113 in Phoenix?! Was able to spend time with family and friends and it made for such a great weekend. We squeezed in so much but had so much fun. Camping, grilling, dinner with family, dinner with friends, meeing new babies, watching a wedding, watching rain, bridal shower; a lot packed in for 6 days!

Started the weekend off with a plane delay from Phoenix to Denver but no lost baggage here! If any of you know me well enough, I'm notorious for having my bags lost! Had a lovely BBQ the next day with my Mom, Dad (John), Grams, Gramps and Jim. Took the pictures above from the BBQ. Then had dinner that evening for Steph's birthday in Greeley. Friday we left for camping for the weekend. What a weekend it was, and what a story do I have for you! First off, we are all ok.

So here goes...We initially wanted to borrow a boat for the weekend. Had it all lined up and ready to go. At the last minute a fuel pump went out. So we didn't have a boat. In the group that went camping a couple of people brought a camper and a small fishing boat. So they took it out a couple times here and there and the rest of us just enjoyed playing in the water and lounging around by the camp fire each night. So on Saturday after they had taken the boat out they came over and asked if a few of us wanted to go out on the boat for a ride. Nothing real exciting, no tubing, just a stroll out on the lake. So Steph, Erin, Josh and I went out on the boat along with Ryan who drove. We all loaded up, us girls in the front. We were told by being in the front we would get wet. No big deal, we had sunglasses. Erin took our picture and proceeded to put both of our cameras down in the side pocket. About 5 minutes later or so we are plugging through the water and we begin to get wet. A little more water. Getting pretty wet now. As the driver slowed down a bit going through the wakes water began pouring over the front of the boat and towards the back. The next thing I knew I turned around and saw water coming up to the driver's waist as he yelled "Bail! Get out of the boat!" We all jumped. We weren't wearing life jackets but had them in the boat. As water filled the back end, the boat went down like Titanic and bobed up with about 1/4 of the boat out of the water. WOW! Could hardly believe it was happening. We all put on our life jackets and began to swim back to shore, about 100-150 yards. Luckily someone was nice enough to stop and help tow the boat back to shore. We were all ok. Our cameras...gone. Or so we thought. As the boys began emptying out the water from the boat on shore both of our cameras turned up in the bottom of the boat. After taking out the battery and memory card, the pictures were recovered. Too bad we were only half-way through the weekend, I wanted to take more pictures! It rained that evening out at the camp site so I used my camera on my phone to take what were some of the most amazing clouds I've ever seen. Topped off with a double rainbow that landed in the lake in front of us. Too bad I couldn't get it in one shot!

Great poses guys, look at those muscles!
The boat back on shore after her Titanic move. Notice the water INSIDE the boat.

Like I said, we were all ok. The weekend continued with a great bridal shower for Steph. More camping for Josh up to Red Feather while I caught a wedding of a good friend I went to school with (Congrats!) and visited my Dad in Denver, another BBQ to visit with friends and meet new babies. What a weekend!
Saw some great clouds and storms out at the lake. Some of the best mammatus clouds ever and a double rain bow! Can not wait to make another trip out to Colorado.

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