Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Monday, So Far...

"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing." — George Bernard Shaw

 Happy Monday to all. Nothing terribly exciting about today, just that it is another day and what a beautiful day it was today! Some upcoming exciting things in store for us:
Steph and Erin's Wedding. Can't wait to go back to Colorado for their wedding. It will be a great time and great to see everyone again. I'm so excited for their big day! 
 Some of the first pictures of Steph and Erin in 2006
From our wedding. So excited to see them at theirs!

Monsoon Season. Wait, what season? It hasn't been much of a thriller so far, though we still have over 2 months left. Though we have gotten to experience the un-ending heat here in Phoenix. Hard to believe we'll begin to "cool" down in December. Can we say shorts, flip flops and A/C for Christmas dinner?!

Lucy. What can I say about her, she's our life! I talk to her like she talks back, though I really believe she does! She follows me around the house no matter what I'm doing or where I'm going. She's so lively and full of energy, except when she sleeps which is about half of her daily activities. She's ventured out the front door but quickly ran back as she can't stand to walk on the cement being 110+ degrees on those little paws. She loves the big windows we have and the fact that we are on the second story so she can look out the window to all the birds.

Joshy. He's working away out in the heat, poor guy. He manages a sprinkler and landscape crew throughout the west valley here. Getting up and going by 4am helps to beat the heat, but when your day takes you into 4pm it makes it rough. His days off are spent in a cool, air-conditioned apartment. Bedtime makes for pretty early when you are up at 3am. He loves his job though, he's always liked working outside and sprinklers and landscape are just his passions. We've come to collect quite the flora for our house. Aloe Vera plants, about 5 different cactus varieties, a small palm tree, two hibiscus trees, another small palm and an elephant foot plant?! Whew! We may not have a couch yet but we are sure set on plants!

Me. Just trying to enjoy the weather, or lack there of! Learning my way around the office and the locations for which we forecast and how weather forms down here in the desert. Pretty interesting place here in Arizona. I truly love weather and love it more each day. I think I'm finding what I like and dislike about it. Definitely a cloud-lover! As soon as Phoenix gets some clouds, I'll be happy. Ha! I've been excited, though also been called crazy, to experience the hottest temperature ever for myself at 114 degrees twice this summer. Yuck, I know, but an experience nonetheless. I've also been cooking like crazy, coming up with new and exciting things to make. I guess it is a hobby I'm acquiring. Also still love taking photos so I'm going to try to get more into that with better camera equipment as soon as I can afford it. Just looking ahead to what the future holds. I have been watching Phoenix weather everyday as well as Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Iowa. Why? Severe weather doesn't happen here in Arizona :) I've gained yet another nickname, Severe Weather Junkie. 

What's next?

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