Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lucy's 1st Birthday & Rain

We celebrated Lucy's Birthday on Wednesday July 28. We were never told when exactly when her birthday was, since she was a gift to me on my birthday we were just told she was so many weeks old and by counting backwards this week would have been her birthday. Happy Birthday Lucy! Josh and I went to dinner for a date night (yay!) and then stopped by Petsmart for some gifts for our little Lucy. We spoil her! She really doesn't need any store bought toys as she falls in love with rolled up balls of paper, paper-towel, plastic wrappers, twisty ties, you name it! But we splurged and got her a few things.
She loved this purple boa-feathery thing. She even brought it to me while I was sleeping and I woke up with it on my stomach this morning!
This is Lucy just days after we got her. So tiny!
Hanging out with mamma :)
Lucy (left) and her brother Henley (right) playing in the bathroom, where else?!
We were fortunate to get a good rainstorm this night also! Needless to say I was more excited about the rain than Lucy was about her birthday! It was so warm outside, warm enough that Josh and I stood outside for about an hour in the rain. It felt so good, and we were drenched! Some distant lightning and thunder made the night even better! After last time with water and my camera not playing very well together, I left the camera inside. This is a picture from our front door looking west. We've been lucky enough to get rain a couple days in a row. With the airport getting a whopping 1.33 inches in one day, that's a daily record rainfall! Looks like the Monsoon is in full swing for Phoenix, it is about time!

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