Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lunch: Homemade Veggie Wrap

Welcome to the food corner yet again! On tap for today: Veggie Wrap for lunch. I picked up some flatbread wraps at the store the other day and my mouth watered. They looked and sounded so good, I knew I could find something to make with them! Besides, PB& J sandwiches are getting a bit old ya know! (even though I eat those very often, I still love PB& J!)

I was also, and still am, on a veggie kick. So this quick, easy and fresh lunch idea was perfect! You can change it up and add whatever veggies you like. I used:

sliced zucchini 
sliced green bell peppers
sliced carrots

Just eyeball it to see how much you want to put in the wrap, or slice extra for another wrap or some for later!
I also used a little ranch to give it some extra flavor. You could use mayo, mustard, anything light that sounds good with veggies!
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