Saturday, December 25, 2010

{Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree}

While sitting in your home eating with friends and family and spending time together this holiday, this song comes to mind. I have a few Christmas songs that I absolutely love and this is one of them. I remember it was in the movie "Home Alone" and that might be where it is recently famous for. Enjoy!

Another great song, and this one is probably my favorite of all time. Not sure why. I remember when I was younger watching the "Very Brady Christmas" almost every year. Where the dad gets stuck in the mine on Christmas eve. This is the song that played and they all sang it and then everyone was rescued. Not sure why, but this has stuck with me ever since. It has some sort of deep meaning, I have yet to understand why. This video is one someone put together with lights on a house, but the band, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, is amazing. I was able to finally see them in person in November here in Phoenix, and wow was it great live!

Christmas photos from us to follow :)


Merut said...

I loved Home Alone growing up. We'd always try to booby trap our house after watching it.

Jessie Szmanda said...

Isn't that second video amazing?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE trans-siberian! So jealous you got to see them! :)