Saturday, December 4, 2010

Empty Kitchen

Well not completely :) I just haven't been cooking much lately, and not much that is exciting either. Also, haven't taken any pictures. Ah, life. That is just it, life. Life has been getting in the way, geez. I've been working a lot and working on a lot. We've had visitors this month and its been fun but I need to get things back on track. Oh and I'm training to run a half marathon in February. I'm pretty excited about that and I'm going to do my best at training for it. By no means am I going to compete for a great time, just to finish and hopefully run the entire thing without walking or minimal walking is my goal right now. 

With all of that said, I will work on cooking up some more goodness and awesomeness, edible that is, and get back on track. Thanks for checking in and reading about all the craziness. Have a great weekend all! 
not my kitchen, though i wish! googled it


Merut said...

I totally understand! I've been there many times before. Either I want to cook and photograph and write all day or I'm unexcited about the whole thing for a week. Good luck on your half-marathon! You'll do fine!

kristindewey said...

Just checking in guys!!
By the way, the first time I made monkeybread for Kira and Ed, I used the ground flaxseed. I sprinkled it on top of the butter/pudding mixture right before I baked it, and it turned out YUMMY!!! It gave it a slight nutty flavor.

You ought to try it if you haven't yet.

Miss you guys!! What are you two doing for Christmas?