Saturday, December 18, 2010

Munchkin Adventure

I realize this post is bad! Finally had some time to get caught up...

Well our weekend after Thanksgiving was our second round of Thanksgiving having Josh's parents coming to visit us. Our first Thanksgiving was back on Halloween when my parents came.

What we didn't know was that we had another visitor coming along. I came home from work that day and in walked Josh, his dad AND Kayden (our nephew, Steph's son). Oh my gosh I nearly cried with tears of joy as I was so excited to see him! We both had no idea. That was Kayden's first real airplane ride, that he will remember. We flew with him when he was only2 weeks old but he doesn't remember that.

We spent the weekend hanging out, sleeping in the tent in the living room, riding the light rail train to downtown Phoenix and going out to eat. I'm sure he had a blast and so did we. The joke the whole weekend was from comedian Jeff Dunham's skit where he call's Jeff "Jeff-fa-fa". So we called each other Jeff-fa-fa all weekend. I told Kayden to call his mom that when he got home, and he did :) 

When Kayden first got there he wanted to be right by his Auntie Char & Uncle Joshy's side the entire time. We played with anything and everything in sight and chased Lucy around the house. Lucy had a great time with him, not too overwhelmed like I thought she would be :) We miss you Kayden and can't wait for you to bring your mommy & daddy back with you!

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Merut said...

So cute! It looks like you all had tons of fun and were kept quite busy. It's always fun to have little kids around.