Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holding Hands

I'm back and getting back on track. Haven't had much time lately with work and family/personal stuff to blog or be on here, but I'm slowly coming back and just in time for the holidays too.

Josh and I have had a couple great nights spending time together, including a date night last night which we went to a movie. We saw TRON in 3D, it came out last night. Great movie! Josh wanted to see it and I told him I'd go with him, I always do anyways, and man was it good. I am not a huge fan of the 3D movies, some of them are too much 3D-ness but this was great. Just the right amount. Some parts were normal 2D and then flying things were in 3D so it really was like it was coming out at you. We made dinner together the last couple nights and have just enjoyed each other quite a bit, talking, holding hands, staying up too late, which isn't a good thing since we are both up at 3:30a-4a everyday (for him everyday, for me it changes weekly)!

While I was out of town last week I haven't done much cooking or taking any pictures, so I'll be planning some great meals coming up! I do need to start taking some more pictures. I'm working on training for a half marathon in February, but having had a change of plans last week, I'm way off track. Gotta get back in gear! Work has kept me busy. Training, training, training. Almost getting my "training wheels" off and "flying solo" (pun intended) for the aviation forecaster desk. Things are getting a bit more easy and I'm getting the hang of things, learning more of the "norm" of Arizona's weather. I can't believe it's almost been a year since we moved, almost.

Lucy is doing good, being as crazy as ever. She really is like a puppy though. She follows me around everywhere I go, everywhere, including the shower. That is right, the shower. She sits on the counter in the bathroom as I'm getting ready in the morning, I even share the sink with her when I brush my teeth, since she has to drink out of the faucet. She loves sleeping under the Christmas tree back in the corner. Pictures to come of our tree as well.

Josh has been working but having some shorter days, yay! The cooler weather is nicer to work outside in; 75 degrees compared to 110! He's looking forward to heading up to the high country soon to get some snow action on: snowshoe, snow camp, etc.

It worked out so we will get to spend Christmas Eve evening and Christmas Morning together, before I go to work on Christmas Day. The last 2 years we've both worked on Christmas, and this year we won't have any family down here with us and we won't be going home for Christmas so we'll have to make our own Christmas together, which sounds good to me!

I suppose that is enough updates for now. I promise I'll get better with some pictures and be posting soon! Happy weekend all!

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