Sunday, December 19, 2010

{Red Toe Nails & Harvey Wallbanger}

I learned last week how to make a Harvey Wallbanger, how and by who my Grandma and Grandpa met before they got married, only some of the many places Grams lived, that she used to paint her toe nails red in the 1940's and I was able to bring back some great memories, that my Grandpa is a scrooge at Christmas time and hates all decorations, I learned where I get my "keep-everything" trait from.

I learned that it is never too late to tell someone everything you've always wanted to say, never a bad time to ask questions about family history, the past, and how things came about. Because "you never know".

Life doesn't wait for you to lose weight, for you to save up enough money, for you to get the perfect job, for you to be in a relationship, be done with school  or have time off work. Life happens. Simply put. And sometimes life sucks, that is part of life. Life has so many journey's and adventures, and sadly death is a part of life. I personally hate to think about death, whether talking about myself, my friends or family, I hate it. I am pretty emotional when it comes to those things, but I do understand it is a part of life. I have a tendency to focus on the more happy parts and usually do something to take my mind off of things: like painting toe nails red.

A family is as strong as it's members. I am lucky to have many people who I consider family, along with the blood related ones. My definition of family are people who come together to help a person in need, is there through thick and thin, can joke and have a good time together, and would do almost anything for each other. While that may be a slightly different version of family, its one that comes to mind right now. I'm thankful to have many different families: parents, grandparents, in-laws, aunts & uncles, cousins, siblings, work family, friends

Saying "goodbye" to me is something I can't and won't do. I believe that by saying goodbye it means I won't see you again. When I moved from Colorado to Arizona I didn't tell anyone goodbye, instead I said my "see you laters" and "talk to you soon". And I did see people later and did talk to them again. Saying goodbye to me means something deeper than just leaving for vacation or moving or hanging up the phone. Especially when someone is ill or sick and possibly that next "see you later" or "goodbye" might be the last. Again, with the tears and emotion.

I have such a wonderul Grams. She has such a great sense of humor. To this day she still spells out bad words in front of me, and I don't dare say any bad words in front of her, ever. I don't think I've ever heard her actually say a bad word, at least not in front of me.

Time is short. Go get a tattoo. Go out to eat more often. Go workout. Go to a movie. Go travel to a place you've never been for longer than you should. Take a sick day at work to just lounge around the house and be lazy. Accept that job offer or promotion. Spend more time with one person than little time with lots of people. Call a friend just to talk. Life happens when you don't look around. I'm thankful every day for having a day to wake up to and for the people in my life. Every single one of you.

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Carole Peck said...

A lovely tribute to Grams. She adored you!