Friday, December 24, 2010

Party like its 1993

Sitting and remembering great memories with family....think back to Christmas 1993.

I was 8 years old and my brother was 5. If I remember right what our plans were for Christmas, on Christmas eve we were headed over to Aunt Sandi & Uncle Gary's house where Grandma and Grandpa would meet us over there too. We would get there and I would find Alexa and we would play and Jimmy would head off with D'anne to roam around the house. Before long it was dinner time and the 4 of us kids would sit at the kid's table and eat. Not to worry, my food still didn't touch on the plate then. I remember hearing all the adults out in the other room talking and laughing at the dinner table as us kids talked about what we thought was in those presents. Dinner would be over and it was goodie time. We grabbed a few treats and there even might have been Aunt Sandi's Rum cake...mmmm...I want to try to make that someday. Soon it would be time to open gifts. This has long been a tradition in my mom's side of the family, probably long before I was around, the way the gifts are to be opened. We start youngest to oldest and open them one at a time, not forgetting to read the card who it's from. I think this made the whole process a lot of fun. You really focused on who got what from who. There were a few years when Uncle Chuck & Aunt Tracy came out from Texas, but we always would get a phone call from them or we would call them as soon as we were finished to thank them and tell them what we got.

Christmas Day was usually spent half at my Dad's house, we would go over Christmas eve and stay the night, and then later that morning we would go back to Mom's house and see what Santa brought us there. We would have another meal with Grams & Gramps and just enjoy the day together.

Now that I'm married and have a whole other family to think about, things get a bit more complicated. But I love that. I love having a big family and lots of people to see over the holidays. Yes, it can get complicated trying to organize with 15 different people but being able to see everyone is so worth it. 

I wish I had some pictures from way back then...

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kristindewey said...

You and Josh would have loved the game we played at Greg and Jeri's for the gift cards! Just to hear grandma Shirley quack like a duck had all of us laughing!

Of course, Aunt Kristin had to sneak some cherry mash to Kira and Taylor while we were waiting for people to show up (who were late) to eat dinner. (Hey I felt sorry for them--we were all hungry! But shhh--Jeri doesn't know I did it!) :)

Then of course---the snow! The trucked in snow! Check out Loveland Reporter Herald, Greg posted the pic and a short story online.