Saturday, December 4, 2010

Surfing, Reading & Jammin'

First off, Happy Weekend! Here's a great song that I quote often. So for your reading pleasure please tune in!

A while back I posted about going vegetarian for a week. That was a success and pretty simple for this chick. You see, I've never been a huge meat person. Ok, I take that back, when I was little I loved bologna and that was about the extent of my "meat", if you can call bologna meat, ha! 

Anyway, not that I don't like it, cause I love a good hamburger and some great grilled chicken. But when I cook, its usually not the center point of my dish or the first thing that comes to mind to focus the meal on. So going quasi-vegetarian is and always has been pretty simple for me. And since I have dairy problems, lactose intolerant, I've been in search of a way to eat and live like all you milk-drinking, ice cream-splurging, cheese-lovers. Personally I love ice cream and cheese and it kills me not to eat them, though I still splurge at times and pay for it later, let me tell you, no fun!

So while still in search, I've found a few things that are winners. For one, dairy free vegan butter: Earth Balance. What more can I say, its dairy free and pretty healthy for you as far as butter goes so I can use it while cooking. I'm not a butter person at all so I'll leave it there.

Soy milk. Not as bad as some people may think, though it may take an acquired taste. I've tried some organic brands and local store brands ( I like Fresh & Easy's brand) and have found some I don't like. I like the original flavor and not the vanilla. Word of advice: when cooking a meal that calls for a lot of milk, like biscuits and gravy, using soy milk will drastically change the flavor. While not bad, just a different flavor.

This is all I have found as far as dairy-free foods. I'm still looking for cheese, since I love cheese, to make some good old mac and cheese and just use it every day. I have found frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, but not all the flavors are there. 

pasta just sounds good right now! googled it, not my picture

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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