Friday, February 11, 2011

{Fabulous Friday} and remembering last year

Happy Friday everyone, TGIF to you! Unfortunately today is my Monday and at that I'm working overnights so my Friday is done by 7am today! Either way, it is still Fabulous.

What are all of you doing this weekend? Celebrating Valentine's day? Going out of town? Anything exciting? Besides working and sleeping strange hours, I don't have anything planned. 
Looking back to this time last year, we spent our Valentine's day weekend moving. Moving 3 blocks. We moved out of our rental house to Josh's sister's house only 3 blocks away. We had to do this because we were getting ready to move from Colorado to Arizona and had to be out of our house early. So we lived with Josh's sister and her husband and our nephew Kayden for about 2 weeks. How fun! We love them and miss them so much. Hard to believe it has almost been a year already...time flies.
Visiting Arizona for the first time, finding a place to live. February 2010.
Happy Friday and Happy Weekend to all!


Jessie Szmanda said...

Wow how cool! I still want to make it out to Arizona at some point :) my Grandpa goes there every year!

Jenny said...

Over night shifts? ooo thats rough! You have such a positive outlook though :)

Hannah Jo said...

Hey! I'm visiting from Fab your blog! Your food looks amazing! ....and now I'm hungry:-) I'm a major recipe follower when it comes to cooking, so I look forward to seeing how you come up with stuff on your own! Following you...