Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Sister & Best Friend

Made yet another trip to Colorado this past weekend. It was for my sister's (in-law, but I just consider her my sister) wedding and what a gorgeous day and whole weekend it was. I was lucky enough to be in the wedding and be the maid of honor. She was my maid of honor in my wedding last year and now I was hers. She is my best friend and my sister, so it really meant a lot to me. I'm so happy for her and Erin to finally tie the knot. Kayden looked pretty darn cute as the ring bearer! The whole weekend was filled with girls' spa and nail day, a trip to the movies with just us girls of course, bbq's and get togethers with friends and family everywhere and even a trip to Estes Park. That is one thing I do miss about living so close to Steph, being able to hang out anytime and be just a few minutes from their house. As I'm sorting through some of the pictures taken by me and those that grabbed my camera I'll post more as I sort through them all. Here are a few peeks:

The next trip out to Colorado will be to visit all the family and friends that I haven't got to see in the previous trips since they were dedicated to wedding activities.

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