Saturday, August 14, 2010

{Steph & Erin's Wedding Day}

Photos of the days before, the big day and day after taken by me and some people who helped take pictures during the wedding. What a wonderful day it was, Steph was beautiful as always, the boys looked amazing, perfect weather, perfect place, perfect friends and family..what more can I say! Also, check out the Photos page for more photos or different ones, I tried to include as many as possible!
Now that we got that dress all tied up...
Brother and Sister love
The first time Erin saw Steph that day :)
This guy is ready to get married!
My matching twin Holly :)
I love how all the guys have their shades on and Erin's are on his forehead.
Erin and 5 Dewey men!
I got so many great shots of Steph and her dad, beautiful scenery and what a tear jerker of a song!
Erin and his lovely Mom
The boys came at Erin from all directions...
Me and my sister :)
 Such a wonderful day!
 Boy Kayden sure was a mess when we left, he always is. Every night at bedtime he threw a fit thinking "Uncle Joshy and Auntie Char are leaving".

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