Sunday, October 17, 2010

a milestone along the path of life

"Birthdays are just another day to, twenty five years ago, you had just drawn your first breath, had your first meal and enjoyed the warm comforting arms of someone who, would hold you in highest regards for the remainder of their life. That first hour was all mine and I cherished every moment. Even if no one around you is celebrating..I am. Love is an easy word for such a deep emotion." -my lovely mom

my birthday was on thursday. for me, i always look forward to my birthday each year. i don't think i'll ever be at an age when i don't get excited to have my birthday. while as i get older the parties are smaller and there is less 'celebration' going on, i still get so excited. the night before i find myself unable to sleep because of the excitement. just like before the first day of school, for me anyway. this year was no different. on my birthday this year i had to work, which i will no better and ask for it off next year. it wasn't bad having to work, it was nice to be with people on my day. my mom had flowers delivered to me at work, which was amazing. she is always so thoughtful and thinks of everything. this was the give away how everyone else found out it was my birthday.

josh and i both had a day off together, yay! so friday night we went out for sushi dinner. yum! we had different kinds so we could share and it was amazing. my favorite was all of them! let's back up to thursday. when i got home from work i changed and went down to the pool to sit out in the sun for what was about 30 minutes of sun before it set. i went back to the house and josh was home. he was busy working on making a cake (from the box, but still with love). i bought the cake mix and frosting and he said he'd make the cake. what started out as a chocolate cake soon became a marble chocolate + white cake, since the chocolate cake mix was not enough to fill the cake pan. topped with chocolate + peanut butter frosting (one of my mom's touches). yum-o!

while he was doing the cake, i had a little scavenger hunt to go on, how fun! with notes in random places around the house with each a little clue of where to go next i spent almost 45 minutes looking around. he did good! even had to go downstairs to the neighbor's door for one. at the end of the hunt was a small box with a necklace inside. on the necklace is a small pendant with a small diamond and a bigger opal, my birthstone. "the diamond is for our 1 year anniversary and the opal is for your birthday" he tells me. what a guy! the necklace was definitely well hidden among the clues.

after our sushi dinner night we got to spend the whole day saturday together, a very rare thing for us. we got up and went to the bookstore and had coffee. i think we spent at least 3 hours there roaming through books. josh got his usual plant-disease-cure-what-not-to-eat-or-plant-and-how-to-grow-it-your-self book and i of course got a cookbook which i'm so excited to try out some more food! we went home to get a bite to eat and headed to the movies to see the new jackass movie. very funny by the way, their movies always are. we enjoy them, however at times they can be a bit too much and gross, but overall a great laugh and a great time together. we then went to the store and bought a few needed items around the house and came home and played around with the house-items and headed to bed. it was a great way to spend a whole day together. we definitely need more of those!

as for the milestone....i feel like turning the corner to 25 will bring me a lot more. not that i had low expectations from before or high expectations for the future, but i feel like there is quite a bit more to come. i have no problem telling people how old i am and love the feeling of being the age i am. it's just a number after all, you determine how old you want to act and feel. most days, i still feel like i'm 13 with endless energy and opptimism and not a care in the world, of course with an adult lifestyle of bills to pay. and every now and then i have a day where i feel 21 and need to recover, try not to have too many of those! like i said before, birthdays are very special to me and i love the entire sha-bang that comes with them.

bring on the "quarter century", "halfway to 50", "only 5 years to 30", "got your drivers permit 10 years ago" lines....i'm loving it all!

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Keith said... this means I'm 24 years older then you. cool is that? Looks like you had a wonderful day and were treated well by your husband and family.