Thursday, May 19, 2011

New same, same place

As our lives will be changing in a short 4 1/2, another topic all in itself right there...I think a new name for our blog is in order. As our family has grown now to 3, counting Lucy of course, and will soon grow to 4 with Baby Dewey coming in September, I think a new name rather than just "Josh and Char" is in the works.

I love being  a part of the blog community. While this blog started out to keep friends and family up to date on our lives and live through pictures it has grown to showing our adventures as we got married and started a new life in Arizona, as well as my cooking extravaganza! Now as we grow once again as a family I think "Josh and Char" just doesn't quite capture all of us. So look for a new name to come in the near future.

In other news...4 1/2 months?! Wow it seems like time has flown by so far. Of course when I was sick and miserable it seemed like time would never move an inch. Funny how those are the times we want to go by faster and then time goes too fast when we are enjoying it all. Overall I'm really enjoying my pregnancy. Each new milestone is exciting to me. I get so excited for each new week to come and love the email updates I get "You are now in week...." and learning all about how Baby and I are changing. 

One thing I noticed, or commented about yesterday, was the fact that I eat quite often because I'm hungry. It came to me, "I guess this is good practice making myself eat every 2 hours, not that I need to make my self right now, because when the baby comes Baby will eat probably every 2 hours." Just a thought to myself the other day, and now to all of you.

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Jessie Szmanda said...

Love this idea, I've been thinking of changing my blog name too!