Saturday, May 21, 2011

How fast does hair grow?!

I've been pretty well known to have long hair for quite some time. And back in high school I'd cut about 8 inches off every summer and start over. About 2 years ago I cut off 12 inches to donate and here we are again with long hair.

I have some help growing mine this time: hormones.
So what's it gonna be? I'm 5 1/2 months along. If I cut 4-5 inches off do you think it will grow back before September? I'm not too scared to lose the length, but I don't want to go super short.  A nice healthy cut would be nice, especially since it will be 115 degrees here soon and I'll need all the help I can take to stay cool. 

We'll see what happens. But I'll likely cut my hair. Looking for a new change.


Truly His said...

Love the hair long, but I could see you pulling a cute short bob for summer!!! Good luck in that heat:)

Laura said...

I wish my hair grew that fast!! I chopped mine off 2 years ago, and have been trying to grow it back ever since...

but if your hair grows fast, then go for it! It's fun to have a new do :)