Sunday, January 29, 2012


Lately our house is filly with a lot of this....
Lots of naps whenever we can get them in. 

Jackson is doing better about naps. Just recently starting to have some trouble falling asleep on his own, but overall doing good with naps. Yay! I've noticed he's getting crabby the more tired he is. We love sleep, we must teach him this!

Oh my goodness look at how cute he is! We just got this bumbo seat a couple days ago and we're practicing sitting up by ourselves. Man is he good! He starts leaning forward after a while, but little practice here and there and he is doing well. 

He's loving tummy time more and more. Really moving those legs and arms. I swear one day he is going to take off!

He's also trying really hard to roll over. He has it at about 90% figured out. He loves laying on his side, and falls asleep that way :)

After his 4 month check up the doc gave us the 'ok' to start solid foods. So we're going to be introducing them slowly at first to see how he takes to the different textures. How exciting! Now to put my baby food making skills to the test!

The doctor held him up and had him stand up (with help obviously) and noted how strong his legs were. We do practice that too! Jackson loves to bounce on his legs when I hold him when I'm sitting so he can look around. I think we're going to have a runner!

Here are his stats at 4 months:

-Weight: 15lb 5 oz
-Height/length: 25 inches
-Head: 41cm

Goodness! For the %tiles I believe he's just below 50% in all categories (after looking it up, the doc didn't mention these). Overall, little bean stalk is looking good!

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