Friday, January 13, 2012

A Year Ago.....

A year ago Wednesday January 11, I woke up to find out that we would be welcoming a little Dewey into this world. Hard to believe it has been a year already. On the other hand, having been pregnant for over 75% of the year I can believe it has been a whole year!

My pregnancy was a pretty good one. I had the nausea/morning sickness in the beginning until about week 14, which I thought would never end. I started having the braxton hicks contractions at about week 32. I had to stop wearing my wedding ring at week 28, boy did I have swelling! And our little Jackson made his entrance fashionably late (after all he is a Dewey!) 5 days past his due date.

Looking back, I thuroughly enjoyed my pregnancy. I'm so glad I took pictures of my progress so I can look back to see how I grew. And so my kids can look back to see what mommy looked like.
Here's to this year and all it holds!

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