Monday, January 28, 2013

13.1 Miles. No big deal

While many people were enjoying their morning coffee, reading up on the news, perhaps going out for breakfast or brunch...I ran 13.1 miles. No big deal. I was done by 10:30am and on with the rest of my day. Which, consisted of ice, stretching and resting.

I ran my first Half Marathon on Jan 20th 2013 at the PF Chang's Rock 'n Roll Marathon. It was a girls weekend get together that had been planned since June 2012. A group of us decided we would run it together, though we all ran different times and distances, all because one of the ladies had a birthday. What a great group of ladies I am now friends with (those didn't already know). It was a great time getting to know each other, training, talking about how we were doing and to accomplish a goal I had always wanted to do. Next on the list? More half marathons and someday a full. Here is the weekend at a glance. Oh yeah, the results. Spoiler: 13.1 miles in 2:35 min. PR for me! Avg 11min/mile. Not bad! I only walked 2.5 total miles and did great. Goal: get the time down to 2:30 and keep going down from there. 2:20 and someday 2:00.

At the Rock 'n Roll Expo, downtown Phoenix.

At the expo. Only 26.2 miles to go!

Carbing it up the night before with some fellow weather nerd ladies.

Best Gal Pal Jessica :) and fellow Weather nerd!

At the start, waiting for that gun to go off.

At the start line. New best buddy Emma!

A quick shot as we head east. Around mile 2. 

TOAST! To the finish!

Hydrating with Nuun :) I love.

A bowl of protein goodness: Choc protein goo, PB, coconut cookie dough crumble & cinnamon flatout bowl. All from Stuftmama's recipes. Yum!
Just crossed the finish and was handed a medal and asked to take my picture. Atleast I'm smiling!

And after chugging some water. 

Gal Pal ladies from work & Jackson. We are ready to rock!
The whole group of ladies that ran (minus 1). Some ran the full, some ran the half marathon and some ran the half relay. We all accomplished goals and kicked butt!
 What a great weekend. Happy Birthday to Miss Leslie. She ran her first ever full Marathon and kicked some serious butt! What's next on the list?

{Have been MIA from blog world, oops! Life has gotten in the way and blogging has gone to the back burner. Hopefully I can find some time to get back into things.}

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Scot said...

Way to go!!! Congrats! I am still working to improve my 10K. Maybe, you could skip the marathon and do like the Leadville 100! :)