Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Story of Birth: Jackson

I've finally got some time to sit down and write up Jackson's birth story. At least I can start it and finish it later, and finally publish it out! Amazing how fast a day goes by when you are watching the clock for the next feeding and timing things, or trying to. My whole world is soaked up into Jackson and his needs. I love that little guy! He is so fun and I love watching him try to learn things, even watching his eyes as they follow me from side to side and watching as his tongue learns to wiggle around in his mouth.

So here is the journey that led to his birth.

Starting with a regular doctor appointment on Wednesday showed I wasn't even dilated. And here I was 4 days overdue. After putting a balloon in place, I began to have contractions, BAD ones. We headed back home to have lunch and by the time we were finished we decided to grab the bags and head to the hospital. We had to wait for a triage room, this was the day everyone was having babies! After getting a room and being there about an hour the nurse admitted us, at 4:30pm, and then my water broke (just felt like I peed my pants). It was baby time for sure! The whole shock factor was really setting in. We were going to have a baby.

Just after being admitted I was checked and already at 5cm dilated. Pretty quick, seeing as how 4 1/2 hours ago I wasn't even dilated. Fast forward to about 2am. My brother and husband asleep on the floor and couch. I had a yoga ball between my knees all night long and kept having to be turned from side to side. Baby was face up and should be face down. The nurse came in at 3am and checked me. 10 cm, fully dilated and ready to go! Now we were just waiting on my doctor, who was next door delievering another baby. At 4:30am my doctor came in and decided we would start pushing. We pushed and she turned Baby's head so he was faced the right way. This hurt! We were ready to go. At first it was just Josh and a nurse. We pushed for a while and then my doctor and a whole bunch of other nurses came in and we were ready to really get going. Josh was SUCH A GREAT COACH!! After every push he would tell me how good I did and how I could do it.

Then it got to where I was just pushing on my own, not waiting for them to tell me I was having a contraction. I just felt the need to push. As he was coming out I swear there was no liquid left, he did not slide right out! When he came out he just kept coming, and coming.  He was long! They laid him on me and I was just in shock. I couldn't cry because I was just in awe that this little....or rather large, person just came out of me. We created this person and now here he was to come into this world. It was so beautiful. He was born at 5:59am on Thursday September 22.

He was so big! 9lbs 6.8oz and 22 inches long!! We were later told by EVERYONE that I should have had a C-section because he was so large. When I was told I would have a big baby the week before, I was thinking 7-7 1/2 lbs. I hadn't even envisioned 9 lbs. It was not even part of my vocabulary. Ugh. The recovery process is still going on, and I'm doing much better. What a toll it takes on your body to have a baby, but so worth it! He is changing and doing things each day that I couldn't have imagined I would be a part of.

Still getting used to being called Mommy, but I absolutely love it! He is amazing and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I'm thankful for a healthy and smooth pregnancy and a fairly quick and smooth delivery.

This little guy is loved by so many people. I think he really was brought into this world for a reason. There are people that he won't get to meet but I know they would be so proud and would love him to pieces. I'll have to love him extra good for them too :)


Shannon said...

Congrats Charlotte! I'm so happy for you! He is beautiful!


Jessie Szmanda said...

awww yay!!! you GO GIRL!! what a big boy!