Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Birth Day Party for Baby Dewey

May I introduce to you, the world, Baby Dewey who is now formally known as Jackson Joshua Dewey. He made his appearance to this world on Thursday September 22, 2011 at 5:59am weighing in at 9lb 6.8oz and measuring 22 inches long (which we later found out was wrong, and closer to 20.5 inches).

I apoligize for not writing this sooner, but it has been BUSY, BUSY with this little man. And trying to adjust to his every needs and just purely watching him has taken all of my time. I am very thankful to have this time to care for and learn EVERYTHING about him.

Yes, this was minutes after birth. I don't really look like I just gave birth, do I?!

This is a pretty proud Daddy. He did GREAT coaching me through the entire process :)

Our first family of 3 photo, just hours after birth.

We have really enjoyed this little guy so far. Our whole world has been turned upside down, but in a good way. Yes the sleepless nights are among us, and the long days are here filled with poopie diapers, being peed on (and pooped on), thrown-up on and crying (both mommy and Jackson) but seeing the changes each day and watching him look up at me and look around the room to explore this brand new world to him makes it all worth it.

I'll post the birth story later, along with more pictures. Thanks for being patient everyone, and for checking back often. The Dewey Family is growing :)


Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you! He's beautiful! Hugs and good Luck!!

Jessie Szmanda said...

YAYYYYYYYY!!!what a big boy!!! :) can't wait for the story!